7 Benefits of Lavender Oil

[POSTED ON: 21st May 2019]

Anyone who explores natural skincare has found that many recipes include lavendar. Lavender is truly the ultimate triple threat; an amazing scent, color, and essential oil (I’ve even had lavender ice cream and lavender coffee syrup, which tastes delicious). Why do I personally love lavendar essential oil? As someone who currently struggles with anxiety and stress, and has a history… [read more]

The Growing DIY Skincare Movement… Get On Board!

[POSTED ON: 8th May 2019]

Control and knowledge through DIY? YES!   Know what you are putting on your skin and why.  Avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce, and make an impact on Ghanaian mothers and communities at the same time.  And, have fun doing it. You may have noticed that the skincare movement is quickly shifting towards greater transparency. Men and women want to know exactly… [read more]

Unrefined and Raw Doesn’t Always Mean Pure

[POSTED ON: 7th May 2019]

Know your Shea Butter Better: Words are confusing…

Handcrafted and traditionally made. Those words will lead you to shea butter that has all the natural goodness and maximizes the benefits to the hardworking women who make it. Raw and unrefined can lead you to strange places in the shea butter world.

Did you know that raw and unrefined are often used to describe industrially processed and chemically extracted shea butter?

[read more]

Featured … from our hands … My Elite Naturals

[POSTED ON: 6th May 2019]

This week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is My Elite Naturals. Melissa, the founder, started making her own natural skin care products for herself and her family 3 years ago. She feels that if something cannot go in your body, it should not go on your body. On a trip to Ghana with her husband (who is Ghanaian), they visited… [read more]

Choosing the Right Scent for Your Creation

[POSTED ON: 1st May 2019]

Scents make sense and cents! It’s so true.  Scents sell a product. I am the kind of girl, who will smell a product before I actually place it on my skin. And personally, I am on the side of less is more. I like tamer fragrances, vanilla, peppermint, and lavender. What about you? Let’s talk more about scent. Scent is… [read more]

Featured … from our hands… Mannuskin

[POSTED ON: 29th April 2019]

This week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is Mannaskin. Today’s featured product is Tangerine Vanilla Sandalwood Body Balm, made with tangerine and Shea Butters, essential oils of sandalwood, ylang and vanilla scent. Laurie Manna is the owner of Mannaskin. Aside from making natural skincare products, she also has taught yoga. Laurie feels like natural skincare is important since the skin… [read more]

Community Impact: A Sustainable Approach

[POSTED ON: 24th April 2019]

All community impact is not created equal. Charity and philanthropy are too often one and done, with minimal sustainable impact. Far better to create sustainable and replicable impact by aligning business, social and environmental impact, and by fostering local ownership and engagement. It is often much easier just to give something, bask in the appreciation and adoration of the recipient… [read more]

The Best Nipple Creams for Breastfeeding Mamas

[POSTED ON: 17th April 2019]

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, a time where mama and baby can truly bond. It is natural and pure (like handmade shea butter) and so important. Thankfully Western society is increasingly embracing it as natural, loving and publicly acceptable.   However, it isn’t always as easy as one may think. It’s a learning process, which can result in cracked, sore,… [read more]

Featured … from our hands … Savonnerie des Îles

[POSTED ON: 15th April 2019]

This week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is Savonnerie des Îles. Featured today: Shower Melts Use these in the shower, under water. Take the shower melt in your hands and rub your body with it. When wet, it will create a milky lotion that will nourish your skin and keep it hydrated for 24 hours. Do not rinse. TIP for… [read more]

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