Where to Buy Shea Butter - BarakaSheaButter is the best place

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Shea butter is known throughout the world for its beauty, health benefits as well as for its use in cooking. It's these qualities make it one of the most sought after naturally-occurring butter in the world, but where the dilemma lies in the ever arising question that from where you can source Shea butter and its derived products, that are not only free of preservatives and harmful chemicals, but they also deliver on the set promises and benefits of Shea butter.

Where to Buy Shea Butter From?

With a ton of options available online and in-store as well, the purchase of Shea butter has become easier than ever. But what we as consumers need to realize is that not all Shea butter or its enriched products are the same and not all retailers follow the highest standards of quality that are required when handling such a gift of Mother Nature, which has a multitude of benefits. To make this choice easier for you we have researched the best online platforms from which you can source Shea butter for your personal and domestic use, without the stress of worrying about quality and purity.

Baraka Shea Butter

baraka shea butter

About the Store:Baraka Shea butter takes pride in sourcing and distributing all-natural, handmade, fair trade, and raw Shea butter. Based in Canada, the founders Gifty and Wayne, built on their ancestral roots and love for indigenous products respectively and brought organic and certified fair-trade Shea butter directly from Africa to the world.

Product Range:Baraka offers two main product variants when it comes to Shea butter. The first is organic and fair-trade variety which of course is the slightly expensive one, followed by the fair-trade variety. Both varieties are produced from the Shea seed using techniques passed on from generation to generation. You can also purchase a Shea Butter starter pack that comes along with a recipe book to help you get started in the kitchen or you can opt for a Baraka butter and oil bundle that allows you to experience different natural kinds of butter and oils including Cocoa butter and Red Palm oil together with Shea butter.

Pricing and Quantities:The Shea butter starter pack is priced at $19.19 where you get 250 grams of the product along with a recipe book. The certified fair trade variety starts at $17.99 for 500 grams and goes up in different variables from 1 – 8 kg and finally to 25kg.  The organic and fair-trade variety is available in similar weight variables while being priced at $21.59 for 500 grams.

Customer Reviews:As for the customers, 99% of the customers have recommended the product to their friends and peers. The customers not only love the share but itself for its purity and high quality but also for the fact that how buying from Baraka helps in contributing towards building a better community for those who help produce and source this natural butter. Returning customers emphasize how the Shea butter from Baraka is the best that they have ever experienced along with exceptional customer service, which is exactly why we have placed it at the top of our listings.



About the Store: Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and e-commerce giant, outside China. On Amazon suppliers and distributors from around the world list their products ranging from food items right down to clothes, electronics, cosmetics, etc. in short each and everything that you can think of.

Product Range:When it comes to Shea butter you can very well imagine the variety that is available here from all around the world, due to Amazon's global network.

Pricing and Quantities:You can purchase pure, organic, unfiltered Shea butter from brands like Saaqin starting from $1.20 for a 150 grams tub. You can opt for something more luxurious that is infused with enrichment minerals and vitamins like the Shea butter from Nubian and that is priced at $137.05 for 113 grams. With over 1000+ plus options available for Shea butter alone you can also buy Shea butter infused body washes and shampoos to enrich your bathing experience as well.

Customer Reviews:You can make a purchase of Shea butter on Amazon based solely on customer reviews as well. By using a search filter, you can buy from the top-rated suppliers and best-rated products only. With the options of secure payment and prime delivery available in the majority of the regions, Amazon itself enjoys a very good customer repute.



About the Store:As the world’s second-largest online retailer right after Amazon, Walmart is the hub of product listings while being based out of the USA. With in-store shopping also available, Walmart is a top choice especially when it comes to budget buying for household use or even for wholesalers.

Product Range:With over 900+ listings, you can source raw, organic Shea butter from Walmart as well as processed and enriched Shea butter products such as those offered by Palmers and Tree Hut, two very well-known brands when it comes to skincare products especially in the USA.

Pricing and Quantities:With unrefined and organic Shea butter sourced from Ghana starting at $4.28 for a 60 grams tub, you can also get 5.5kg slabs of the same at  $111.99. In between, you have enriched product options as well such as Shea butter containing lotions and creams offered by brands like Lubriderm and Olay.

Customer Reviews:Walmart itself enjoys good customer reviews, while the products listed on the site itself can be filtered according to customer ratings, and hence you can only purchase products or select those Shea butter offerings that have ratings of four stars and above. The customer reviews for Shea butter such as the organic options offered by African Shea butter or Shea Moisture and OKAY African are all positive and customers have thoroughly enjoyed using the product.

African Fair Trade Society

African Fair Trade Society

About the Store:African Fair Trade Society uses the profits generated from the sales of Shea butter and its other products to help support impoverished communities in West Africa especially when it comes to providing them micro-aid facilities to develop their businesses and means of living for sustainability.

Product Range:The African Fair Trade Society offers organic and 100% pure Shea butter in scented and unscented versions with different varieties available under the scented option such as lavender-scented, Argan oil scented, etc.

Pricing and Quantities:There is no price difference in the scented and unscented versions for the same weight. The product is offered to start from a 57 grams jar priced at $6.99 right up to a 456 grams option priced at $39.99. The bulk buying option starts from $231.25 for 11kg.

Customer Reviews:Customers are very much satisfied with the product offering as well as with their customer service. The African Fair Trade Society’s Shea butter is loved by the customers due to its fast-melting and quick-absorbing nature when it comes to skin application.

Back to Africa Imports

Back to Africa Imports

About the Store: Back 2 Africa is an import company operating out of the USA. It specializes in bringing indigenous and ethnic African handicrafts and products for the American market to experience and enjoy.

Product Range:Apart from offering different handicrafts and other African specialized products, it offers a variety of Shea butter variants under different brands such as Ashanti naturals. A variety of both centered and unscented Shea butter is offered, with the options of yellow or white butter depending on the choice of the consumer.

Pricing and Quantities: With the 198 grams jar of unscented white Shea butter under the brand Shea Aroma being offered at $6.99, the options go up to a 794 grams tub of yellow Shea Butter under the brand Ashanti being sold at a pack of dozen tubs at $108, for bulk buying.

Customer Reviews:Both commercial and home-users are satisfied with the quality of the Shea butter being offered by Back 2 Africa Imports. Their quick shipping is also very much appreciated in the customer circle.

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a vegetable fat that comes from the seed of the Shea tree. The tree is cultivated in western and tropical Africa and is native to that region. Due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, it is the go-to natural butter of choice when it comes to the production of cosmetics, lotions, and skincare balms. It is also used for cooking especially in certain parts of Africa.


Now that we have listed the top choices such as Barakah when it comes to purchasing of Shea butter online, we recommend that you experience these stores for yourself as well and choose the best option especially in terms of quantity and pricing that is most appropriate for your needs. 

If you live in Australia, Greater China/North Asia, Philippines or Mexico you can order directly from local Baraka distributors using the links below.