How to Use Shea Butter

  • 3 min read

Shea Butter has a number of properties that make it beneficial for your skin and hair. It has become a popular ingredient of choice in many beauty, skincare, hair and cosmetic products because of it’s healing, soothing and nourishing properties.



Shea Butter can be used in variety of ways:

Dry Skin
For some of us, dry skin is a massive issue that we have to deal with. There are many factors that can cause the skin to dry out – such as cold weather – but Shea Butter helps to battle against dead skin cells, moisturize the skin, retain moisture and itching, leaving your skin, face and hands feeling smoother and softer.

Dry Lips
If you’re prone to dry and chapped lips, then exfoliating your lips with a scrub and keeping them moisturized will help to soothe them. Shea Butter works as a natural exfoliant by rubbing away the dead skin cells and keeping the lips well-nourished and plump.

Baby Care
Taking care of your baby’s skin is essential because a baby’s skin is delicate. Because of their sensitive skin, they are more prone to certain skin conditions such as irritations, rashes and eczema. Many products out there are full of harsh chemicals and toxins, which can irritate a baby’s skin, but raw Shea Butter is natural, kind and gentle. Shea Butter can help to soothe nappy rash and eczema – because it contains natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Let’s face it: wrinkles are a fact of life and they are a part of getting older. In some cases they are caused by environmental pollutants, stress, dryness and overexposure to the sun’s rays without adequate protection. However, you can often reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by applying Shea Butter to the skin. Shea Butter has a small amount of SPF protection – protecting you from the sun’s exposure. It has high levels of vitamin A and vitamin E, which are both antioxidants. Vitamin A increases collagen production, which slows down the loss of elasticity in the skin and vitamin E helps to make the skin soft, smooth, supple and nourished.

Stretch Marks
One reality of getting pregnant and having children that many women dread is the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks can also appear as a result of puberty or weight gain. Shea Butter can be used to help reduce stretch marks due to its high levels of vitamin A, which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. Remember to apply Shea Butter regularly.

Natural Shaving Aid
If you shave or if you have curly-coiled or coarse hair, then you are more likely to be prone to ingrown hairs and shaving bumps, but Shea Butter can work as a shaving cream. If you apply Shea Butter onto the area to be shaved beforehand, then it can help to smooth the skin making it easier to shave. This often reduces the likelihood of shaving bumps, and it will leave the skin feeling softer.

Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll know how important it is to use products that are free from toxins and are gentle on the skin. Using chemical heavy products can cause irritation and make your sensitive skin feel worse. Shea Butter is a natural ingredient that is beneficial to all skin types, including sensitive skin.

As you can see, Shea Butter can be used in many different ways to achieve healthy and moisturized skin.