More for All | Less for None:

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The Baraka Way

More for all, less for none. You can have your cake, and eat it too. The Baraka value chain creates more value for the hard-working women who make Baraka Shea Butter and uses that to create more value for the amazing crafters who turn it into products that are so valuable for their customers.

I’m sitting in Ghana as I write this and overwhelmed with gratitude for the team and family around me that has helped to bring this vision of Baraka to life.  A vision that is rooted in a belief that there truly can be more for all, without there having to be less for anyone.

Thanks to Baraka’s customers, and the customers of Baraka’s customers who buy the soaps and butters and lotions and salves and all the amazing products they make with pure, unrefined Baraka Shea Butter.  These products truly are incredible, the genius, the love, the care and the energy that goes into them results in products that people claim have an amazing impact on their skin.

The other side of that, the side that everyone we deal with tells me is so important, is that those same products, and the love and care with which they are made, has an incredible human impact too.

Every bar of soap that’s made, every jar of body butter and moisturizer, every bit of lotion and shampoo and foot scrub and everything else is not just a gift to your skin.  It also gives the dignity of income, for no extra cost!

Northern Ghana is full of villages, full of proud women who work hard every day to support their families and create a better future for their children.  They don’t ask for charity, just for an opportunity to contribute and earn.  They are thrilled at how the Baraka community values the natural, unrefined shea butter they make using age-old traditional methods handed down through generations.

More for all, less for none!

That is the reality that we have tried to weave into the Baraka business model.  We pay a premium price to the women, and when we can a bit extra to support education and children.  They put more effort into quality and we are able to bring all of you a product that is high quality and high impact.

We do all we can to communicate the impact you make when you use Baraka Shea Butter to make products, or in your favourite DIY recipe.  We have managed to attract a community that values quality, values impact and has co-created the More for all, less for none business model.

I believe it is a model should be woven into other businesses of all types.

And, I know, it is a model that is only successful because each of you, the entire Baraka clan, believes in it, supports it and promotes it.  We don’t claim perfection, but try hard to follow this principle and make progress on its implementation.

Thank you so much.