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We're excited to introduce Baraka's new Recipe eBooks – your key to unlocking the potential of shea, kombo, and cocoa for a natural self-care routine.Shea Recipe eBook: Dive into the world of Shea with easy recipes for glowing skin and luscious hair.Kombo Recipe eBook: Explore the versatility of Kombo butter with invig
Vintage Apothecary Kombo Butter Therapeutic Cream   Ingredients  16 g (40%) Baraka Kombo Butter 8 g (20%) Baraka Shea Butter 8 g (20%) Borage Seed Oil 4 g (10%) Evening Primrose Oil 4 g (10%) Castor Oil (Arnica infused) 5 drops Cajeput (Melaleuca cajeputi / Melaleuca leucodendron) Essential Oil 2 drops Ginger
Ingredients : - Baraka Kombo Butter 25g - Baraka Cocoa Butter 15g - Baraka Shea Butter 60g - Olive Oil 60g - Beeswax 40g - Vanilla oil 1 tsp - Peppermint essential oil 20d Directions : Melt the solids using the double boiler method. Add the olive oil, allow to melt into the rest of the butters a few minutes.
Ingredients : - Baraka Shea Butter 85g - Baraka Kombo Butter 25g - Lavender infused coconut oil 40g - Beeswax 30g - Lavender essential oil 20 drops Directions: Place solids in a bowl and melt using the double boiler method . All the coconut oil and when fully blended in, remove from the heated double boiler, stir to co
Ingredients : - Baraka Coconut Oil 1200g - Shea Oil 100g - Castor Oil 100g - Baobab Oil 50g - Cocoa Butter 50g - Baraka Kombo Butter 150g - Cinnamon powder 1 n a half tsp - Cinnamon essential oil 2tsp - Oud oil 2tsp   Directions:  Measure the water, add the lye flakes, stir and place in a well aerated area to
Ingredients : - Baraka Kombo Butter 30g - Baraka Shea Butter 80g - Jojoba Oil 10g - Rosehip seed oil 20 drops - Frankincense essential oil 30d Directions : Measure out the shea butter and kombo butter in a mixing bowl, begin to whip till the two blend in, add the oils and continue to whip on medium speed till well inco
Ingredients: - Baraka Kombo Butter 80g - Baraka Shea Butter 160g - Baraka Baobab Oil 100g - Sugar 350g - Coffee Powder 50g - Coffee Fragrance 2tsp Directions: Measure out the kombo and shea butter, place in a mixer bowl and begin to whip on medium speed, occasionally stopping to turn the sides and base with a spatula

Kombo butter is high in myristoleic acid, which is used to treat all kinds of muscle and joint pain. To make the most of Kombo Butter's amazing benefits, we have compiled some of our favourite Kombo DIY recipes here!

Red Palm Oil is great in body butters and skin and hair formulations, bringing many benefits and so easy to work with.

And no, using it doesn’t mean you are destroying rainforest and obliterating Orangutans, especially when you use Baraka Red Palm Oil, sustainably produced and sourced from small scale farmers in Ghana. Check this blog if you want more detail: Why Baraka Palm Oil is Sustainable.