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We're excited to introduce Baraka's new Recipe eBooks – your key to unlocking the potential of shea, kombo, and cocoa for a natural self-care routine.Shea Recipe eBook: Dive into the world of Shea with easy recipes for glowing skin and luscious hair.Kombo Recipe eBook: Explore the versatility of Kombo butter with invig
Vintage Apothecary Kombo Butter Therapeutic Cream   Ingredients  16 g (40%) Baraka Kombo Butter 8 g (20%) Baraka Shea Butter 8 g (20%) Borage Seed Oil 4 g (10%) Evening Primrose Oil 4 g (10%) Castor Oil (Arnica infused) 5 drops Cajeput (Melaleuca cajeputi / Melaleuca leucodendron) Essential Oil 2 drops Ginger
Ingredients : - Baraka Kombo Butter 25g - Baraka Cocoa Butter 15g - Baraka Shea Butter 60g - Olive Oil 60g - Beeswax 40g - Vanilla oil 1 tsp - Peppermint essential oil 20d Directions : Melt the solids using the double boiler method. Add the olive oil, allow to melt into the rest of the butters a few minutes.
Ingredients : - Baraka Shea Butter 85g - Baraka Kombo Butter 25g - Lavender infused coconut oil 40g - Beeswax 30g - Lavender essential oil 20 drops Directions: Place solids in a bowl and melt using the double boiler method . All the coconut oil and when fully blended in, remove from the heated double boiler, stir to co
Ingredients : - Baraka Coconut Oil 1200g - Shea Oil 100g - Castor Oil 100g - Baobab Oil 50g - Cocoa Butter 50g - Baraka Kombo Butter 150g - Cinnamon powder 1 n a half tsp - Cinnamon essential oil 2tsp - Oud oil 2tsp   Directions:  Measure the water, add the lye flakes, stir and place in a well aerated area to
INGREDIENTS • 600g Coconut oil. (can infuse with herbs the day before & strain & use that Oil) • 480g Olive oil. • 120g palm kernel Oil. • 60g Kombo butter. • 360g Cow's Milk Or water or any liquid or tea infusion Of choice • 200g Lye. 2 teaspoons of any herbal powders like neem, cinnamon, cocoa powder, amla or hibiscu
Ingredients : - Baraka Shea Butter 150g - Baraka Kombo Butter 40g - Vegetal Glycerin 10g - Castor oil 10g - Rosemary Essential oil 20 drops - Cedarwood essential oil 15 drops Directions : Measure out the butters and place in a mixing bowl. Begin to whip on medium speed till well incorporated. Add the glycerin and casto
Ingredients : - Baraka Kombo Butter 30g - Baraka Shea Butter 80g - Jojoba Oil 10g - Rosehip seed oil 20 drops - Frankincense essential oil 30d Directions : Measure out the shea butter and kombo butter in a mixing bowl, begin to whip till the two blend in, add the oils and continue to whip on medium speed till well inco
Ingredients: - Baraka Kombo Butter 80g - Baraka Shea Butter 160g - Baraka Baobab Oil 100g - Sugar 350g - Coffee Powder 50g - Coffee Fragrance 2tsp Directions: Measure out the kombo and shea butter, place in a mixer bowl and begin to whip on medium speed, occasionally stopping to turn the sides and base with a spatula