5 Reasons to Use Baraka Shea Butter

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Baraka Shea Butter Rocks!  Yes, we are totally biased, but see why we think you and your customers will benefit from using Baraka.

  1. Fair Trade
    All Baraka Shea Butter is community certified fair trade. Yes, you heard that right. This means we hold fairness to the highest of standards. The women who make Baraka meet annually to review their relationship with Baraka and whether or not they have been treated fairly. They also decide whether or not to let Baraka use the Community Certified Fair Trade logo for the coming year. We pride ourselves on the fair treatment of the women and producers because, without them, Baraka would not be as amazing as our customers say we are!When we say fair trade and treatment, we are referring to:


    • Payment of a premium price above market price
    • Negotiation of price and relationship as a group
    • A respectful and dignified relationship between Baraka and the women
    • Support for community, family, youth, education and other priorities as identified by the women’s groups
    • Plus, other priorities and issues as identified by the women’s group

    You can see and hear women’s group and community leaders discuss Baraka and Fair Trade in this video.

  2. Connection to Community
    Every purchase of Baraka Shea Butter has a direct impact on hard-working women and families in northern Ghana. We believe in creating value chains that make a difference, from the women who make Baraka Shea Butter all the way through to the consumers who use products made from it.  Your purchases and support enables us (collectively) to support various initiatives to help producers in their communities such as:


    For more on our founding principles and our work with women and the community, read the message from our founder.

  3. Strong Purpose and Values
    At Baraka Shea Butter, we want to make a difference … from the hard-working women who make the shea butter, to the crafters, businesses, and industries that produce great products with it. This trickles all the way to the customers who use those products and benefit from the amazing properties of high-quality, pure, unrefined shea butter.We confidently believe…


    • If our business succeeds, and all of us are happier and more fulfilled.
    • In making a social impact and are being effective stewards of the environment.
    • Everyone in our value chain benefits.
    • We know we are providing the best possible service by offering high-quality products and smart, profitable operations.
  4. Small Business with a Big Purpose
    Baraka Shea Butter is a small Canadian/Ghanaian, family owned business located on Vancouver Island in Canada and founded by husband and wife team, Wayne Dunn (Canadian/Irish) and Gifty Serbeh-Dunn (Ghanaian/Canadian).Both founders have a passion for using business to create meaningful community impact and generate financial returns, while simultaneously respecting our planet and environment. They believe in doing so by creating value chains and human connections to bring high-quality local products to global markets and industries. This supports hard-working local women to generate income and develop their communities and provides ethical and sustainable products to people, businesses and industries in North America and around the world.


    You can read why it is important to support small businesses on our blog.

  5. 100% satisfaction guaranteedWe pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction to every customer world-wide. We are here to serve and to find solutions to meet your needs and expectations, FAST! Our motto? You deserve to be satisfied, whatever that means.

We provide additional customer support through:

  • Social media content and assistance to help educate their customers about the quality of Baraka Shea Butter and the impact their purchases have on hard-working women and families in Northern Ghana. Download custom images, graphics, and video here.
  • Providing content and support to help our customers integrate sustainability and impact into their business strategy
  • Next business day (or sooner) shipping of all orders.

Have we convinced you to try Baraka yet? Remember, with every purchase you make, you know you’ll get:

  • A high-quality product;
  • Fast, solution-focused customer service; and
  • A positive impact throughout the value chain.

We focus on quality, service, impact and more! We believe we have the strongest and most authentic community impact connection of any shea butter producer in the world, and we take great pride in that.

Any questions?  Please contact Wayne, our founder.  Tel/text +1.250.701.6088 or Contact us directly – info@barakasheabutter.com (and you will hear back within 1 business day)

Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook if you want to hear about this directly from others who have done business with us. Please feel free to do a review yourself or let us know directly how we can do better.