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The Story of Baraka Shea Butter

Community Certified Fair Trade Interview

Abuja Conversation – Int Women’s Day, 2018

Producer Interview with Zenabo Imoro

From Our Hands: The Baraka Shea Butter Song and Dance

Baraka TV: Zenabo Interview

Baraka TV: Alfred Interview

Baraka TV: Kperisi Naa (Chief) Interview

Baraka TV: Interview with Amina and Lillian

Baraka Bolga Baskets in the community

Shea Butter Lamps light it up

Shea Nut Roasters: Safer, Healthier, Easier

Shea Tree Regeneration and Conservation

Baraka TV Show w-subtitles

Using everything- Fuel from Shea Butter residue

Cultural Display at Global Day to Combat Desertification, Wechiau, Ghana

Copying Textbooks- Learning takes effort, lots of it

Baraka Shea Butter: No waste from making it

Practical Household Economics for Schoolchildren Interview

Using shells from shea nuts for fuel

Teacher explaining academic path for 13-year-old children

Teacher discussing the need income generation skills training

The Best-Dancer

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