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Packaging that works

[POSTED ON: 6th March 2019]

Packaging has to work:  Looking good, informative, functional and helps sales. Don’t forget the environment!  Critical keys to packaging success.

These are things to consider when creating packaging for your skincare products. You want the packaging to be appealing and informative. That beautiful container or bright label is the first thing that skin-care lovers will see, so you don’t want to disappoint.

But, it also has to fit your budget and we encourage you to think of the environmental cost too.  We only have one planet

Let’s cover the appealing factor first. To begin, you need to identify your audience. Are you catering to teen girls who love sparkles, mature women who want something sophisticated, or masculine men who want soft skin (discreetly of course)? Once you know who they are, figure out what packaging will appeal to them specifically.

Next, you need to identify your brand’s personality. Are you dark and mysterious or pastel and bubbly? Are you over-the-top or minimal? What you want to portray to your customers will ultimately help shape the label colors and container type you choose.

What about the design elements? Since you are most likely a natural skincare producer, do you want to include elements of nature on the packaging? Do you want to choose colors of the earth for the label? Will your logo be large to catch attention, or is there something else you want to draw attention to first (like you are cruelty-free)?

And on to function. What type of product are you selling? Something more solid (like a balm) or something more liquid-based (like shampoo or lotion)? From there you can decide on whether your product would be dispensed or stored best in airless bottles, pumps, jars, tubes, compacts, etc.

Lastly, we come to the informative section – equally if not more important. You want to advertise all of the information you need to include on your packaging (including the information you need to be FDA-compliant). Be upfront. This will also motivate you to keep your products as clean and environmentally-friendly as possible (yay!).

Use the following as a general guide of disclosure:

● All ingredients (especially those that may cause an allergy)
● Expiration date
● Government warning labels
● Stamps that include natural & vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, organic, etc (when applicable, of course)

Creating the packaging for your products is exciting, think of it as a quick sneak peek into what is to come for your customers. Highlight what makes you unique, always be honest, and be sure to disclose all ingredients.

Do you have any other tips for creating packaging for your skincare products? Share some of your product packaging with us and we will share what we love most!

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