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Know Your Shea

[POSTED ON: 13th January 2020]

Shea butter is seen by many as a miracle ingredient in soaps and skincare products, and it is. But it can be confusing too.

There are a few ‘definitive’ classifications and grading systems, most developed by one group or another and lacking a generally accepted standardization.

Many terms are used to describe shea butter and many who sell it don’t provide background or information on the terms or, unfortunately, where their shea butter comes from and how it is made.

We recently wrote a piece on ‘Know Your Shea’ for Making Soap Magazine for their January edition. We tried to explain the process and terms to help you understand it.

You can download our article below, by tapping on ‘Read now’ (PDF format) or clicking on the page cover itself.

You can also learn more about shea butter, how it is made and the women and families that make it from our website at

We look at some of the terms, what they mean, and what matters about them. Depending on your personal preferences and how you position and market your product, some of these terms will mean more than others. And,
you may be surprised at some of them.

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