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4 Skincare Changes for Spring

[POSTED ON: 27th March 2019]

Spring your skincare forward with these practical tips.  Leave winter behind and embrace spring and summer with health, happy skin.

Spring is the season we all love. It’s when the cold weather slowly fades and the temperature increases until it’s… beach time! Not to mention, those cherry blossoms are just gorgeous! But did you know that every season calls for specific needs for your skin? Spring is no exception!


Cold winter weather causes dry skin to flake and chap, eventually turning into dead skin cells that can pile up on your skin leaving it dry and irritated. It’s time to exfoliate those flakes away. One of our favorite DIY exfoliators is the Brown Sugar Citrus Scrub. This gentle and natural scrub eases away impurities and banishes clogged pores.  For more DIY recipes check out Shea Butter Recipes website.

Bring out the higher SPF sunscreen

More sun, means more skin protection. Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays is crucial for maintaining skin health. SPF 15 and SPF 20 may slide in the winter months, when the sun isn’t as strong and hides behind thick clouds. But as the sun makes its way out for spring, it is recommended that you bump it up to SPF 30.  Shea Butter is a natural SPF, but not strong enough on its own.

Drink more water

This is pretty self-explanatory and applies to all seasons. Since the weather is warmer, you will be sweating more (whether you know it or not). We use more energy when the temperatures rise, so naturally, our body needs more H20. So does our skin!

Add eye cream

More sun also means more squinting. Squinting leads to fine lines and wrinkles, so layer on those moisturizing eye creams. Our favorite DIY eye cream includes Pure and Simple Shea Eye Cream. We fully support big sunglasses too.  For more DIY recipes check out Shea Butter Recipes website.

Use these tips to show off your best skin and remember, there are many benefits to using DIY products like those we listed.

What other skincare routines are important to highlight for spring? Share them with us!  Even write a blog.

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