Shea Butter is Doubly Amazing!

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Shea Butter: Double Down for impact, benefit and more.  Happy, healthy skin AND healthy, happy families! Skin Impact AND Human Impact!  Amazing properties, and so much impact.

Unrefined shea butter has amazing skin care properties.  A quick google search will yield all sorts of claims and testimonials about its healing, regenerative and restorative qualities.  A look at some past blogs including Kathleen Chopra’s recent post on shea butter and 60-year old skin tells you how it has worked for many.

And, any who have read our blogs or followed us on Facebook will know some of the impact shea butter has on the women and families that make it.  Proud, hard-working women who only ask for an opportunity to earn an income and are proud to share the wonder of shea butter with the world.

The regulators won’t let us make claims about the healing, restorative and maintenance qualities of shea butter when used in products for hair, face, skin, nails and more.  But, we can share some of what others have said and you can easily Google to find claims a lot do make.

Here are some impacts that are credited to shea butter use:


At Baraka Shea Butter we are very proud of the way we work with women and communities.  And we speak of it often and highlight it.  But, we also realize that we are far from the only ones.  The honest reality is that most raw, unrefined shea butter has a big, positive impact on the women and communities where it comes from.  On the people who pick and prepare the shea nuts (seeds) and the women who make them into shea butter.

Baraka focuses on the human impact and we do a lot to increase and enhance it.  And we work to inform our community of how their purchases make a difference.

We also promote all shea butter use, not only Baraka.  Our Monday …from our hands… feature highlights products made with shea butter, including some products that use shea butter from other suppliers (I don’t like the word competitors).

Of course, we would love to earn the business of everyone who uses shea butter in their products, but that isn’t realistic.  We try to bring the best quality, provide the best service, and give the best support to the women who make it.

I know that for me Shea Butter works incredibly well – it gives me the happiest feet imaginable, and I totally enjoy working with the people involved throughout the business, from the communities who pick the shea nuts (seeds) through to the amazing crafters who make magical products with it.

At Baraka we are passionate about shea butter, about the whole industry.  We want to promote it and celebrate it.  We hope you will join with us and create more Double Down Human and Skin impact!