[POSTED ON: 18th June 2014]

We want to see photos and hear stories of how you use Shea Butter.



YOU are the Shea Butter EXPERTS!

We hope you will help the women and communities of northern Ghana by sharing your stories, photos and information. The more everyone knows about the wonderful products and uses of Baraka Shea Butter made by the women and families of northern Ghana the more people will use the Shea Butter. And, the more they use the Shea Butter the more the women and families benefit.

So please help us by posting your product photos and stories (recipes too if you want).

We will randomly select some postings to receive a free 2kg shipment of our lovely new crop of Baraka Shea Butter. Deadline – June 30th, 2014



Click on the image above to learn more about where you can share your photos, stories, recipes and more! 

Feel free to share in the comments below!


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