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Sonia’s Self-Care Rituals for 2019

[POSTED ON: 27th February 2019]

Self-care is such a hot topic in 2019, and so important for our well-being. Whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually, self-care is an important part of being the best you. Taking time out of your day or your week for yourself and putting the needs of YOU before anyone else will rejuvenate and recharge your soul.

So take a few minutes to sit down and plan out your self-care regimen. Personally, I take self-care very seriously. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror and saw my tired eyes and irritated skin, which made me realize that this was more than just a physical, surface level problem. I needed to take time every day to wind down and take care of myself mentally and physically.

In regards to skincare, it’s not about using the most expensive products or doing everything you can to prevent wrinkles. It’s about taking care of your skin with a ritual that you can stick to and leaves you feeling the best. Because if your skin looks and feels positive, so does your mind and energy.

So, I thought I would share my self-care ritual with you all.

9:00pm – I clean and pick up my small home, focusing on my bedroom. I want my space to be clean and tidy before I begin my actual night-time self-care routine.

9:15pm – I take a warm shower, heat up some chamomile lavender tea, and change into my nighttime sleepwear.

9:30pm – I sit down with my tea, light a candle, and reflect on the last 24 hours. I plan out my schedule and intentions for the following day (I use a planner because I’m very forgetful).

9:45pm – I begin my skincare routine. I use my favorite mild cleanser that I have used since I was 16. After patting my face dry, I apply my DIY lavender Baraka shea butter body lotion, while applying a small amount of Baraka and argan oil to my face.

10:00pm – At around this time, I begin a 10-minute meditation and turn off all electronics. I am calm, I am relaxed. It usually takes me around 4.5 minutes to fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning I feel SO refreshed!

I shared my self-care routine with you because although it is only 1 hour of my day, it is quite possibly the most important. This 60-minute period lets me refresh and rejuvenate, mentally and physically. My skin has cleared up and I look much more awake throughout the day.

I challenge and urge each of you to create a self-care routine that includes mental and physical check-ins. Start out with once a week and slowly incorporate a daily ritual that allows you to take care of YOU.

My name is Sonia and I am a skincare enthusiast and lover of all things DIY (everything from home improvement to skincare). I adore Baraka Shea Butter’s mission and overall transparency. Not only are they focused on doing good, but their products are great! I am a fierce small business supporter! Currently, I work in high-tech, but also run a beauty and fashion blog.

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