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Have You Heard of The Fair Pages?

[POSTED ON: 1st August 2014]

The Social Online Revolution:

Creating a more FAIR world one click at a time!


The Fair Pages is a social search index for social good.

We are proud and honoured to be listed in a directory that is a unique user-ranked social search index for conscious consumers and companies, who want to make a FAIR difference for people, animals and the environment.


The Fair Pages is not only a directory for consumers to find FAIR and sustainable products and brands. It also provides a social media platform for consumers and companies to promote, vote for and discuss what they believe is most FAIR to people and planet.


“TheFairPages was created to increase
awareness, share information and create demand
for products and brands that contribute to a more
FAIR and sustainable world”
– Founder of TheFairPages, Liselotte Osterby


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