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…from our hands to yours… Wild for Nature

[POSTED ON: 10th June 2019]

This week’s 🤲🏾 …from our hands…🤲🏾 feature is the wonderful and talented DIYer, Katja Orel from Slovenia. You can find her over at

Katja loves to make many creations using Shea Butter. She finds shea butter to be incredibly versatile and never fails to disappoint. She adds it to body butters, lip balms, hand creams, and hair masks. She also uses it plain as well as whenever she has to soothe a burn (works great and it soothes the pain perfectly!).

Her fav thing about making skincare products is BEING CREATIVE. She loves experimenting with different ingredients, testing them, and seeing the results, some of which are impressive! She has never had so much customized skincare in her life! Oh, and it’s so important to her, knowing what’s in her products. She can make high-quality skin care without nasty chemicals and unnecessary fillers. Amazing!

Katja started DIYing because she hated paying for expensive products that were loaded with fillers. She wanted a more customized experience and it looked interesting. She has always been passionate about using vegan/cruelty-free skincare and while it’s available, it’s not always affordable or of the best quality. She also had always wanted to make her own soap and bath bombs. She still haven’t made these products though, and they don’t seem that interesting now that her knowledge has grown a lot. She have been learning a lot and it’s a rewarding and funny hobby to have. Most of her friends still think she takes baths in coconut oil and obsess over lavender essential oil, when in reality, I’m miles past that point.

Katja’s #1 tip:

WRITE IT ALL DOWN. You won’t remember the recipes, the ingredients, and nothing of the sort. Write it down and watch how the product works for you. It’s a fun and creative process full of learning every step of the way.

You can also see some of Katja’s recipe for Nourishing Shea and Hand Balm on our recipe blog.

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