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Featured … from our hands … My Elite Naturals

[POSTED ON: 6th May 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is My Elite Naturals.

Melissa, the founder, started making her own natural skin care products for herself and her family 3 years ago. She feels that if something cannot go in your body, it should not go on your body.

On a trip to Ghana with her husband (who is Ghanaian), they visited his hometown of Wa. The women in his family gifted Melissa with a ton of Shea butter. Upon returning to the US, she began creating amazing products with the Shea butter. The rest is history!

The women in Ghana thought it was funny that we use Shea Butter only on our skin and hair and not to cook!

All Elite Naturals products are made by Melissa and her daughters. They even help with creating new product ideas.

Melissa’s #1 tip to other skincare product creators, small business owners, diyers:
Use your own products and do not sell anything you wouldn’t use on yourself or your loved ones.

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