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Featured … from our hands… Mannuskin

[POSTED ON: 29th April 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Mannaskin.

Today’s featured product is Tangerine Vanilla Sandalwood Body Balm, made with tangerine and Shea Butters, essential oils of sandalwood, ylang and vanilla scent.

Laurie Manna is the owner of Mannaskin. Aside from making natural skincare products, she also has taught yoga. Laurie feels like natural skincare is important since the skin is not only the largest organ of the body but it protects us from harsh environmental factors. In terms of natural skin care Laurie believes that we have just scratched the surface. There is so much more to learn and we agree!

What makes Laurie’s products unique is that they are all made, packaged and labelled individually by her. Great care is taken to ensure the quality of each product before it is shipped.

Her #1 Tip for others i the skincare business is:
It is important to know where the raw material for your products is coming from, ensuring we support organic, free trade sectors whenever possible.

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