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2019, a New Year. A New Opportunity?

[POSTED ON: 23rd January 2019]


How will your 2019 end?
What is important for you this year?  Personally?  For your business?  For your community?  Why is it important?
What steps can you take to make your important happen?We all have hopes and dreams, regardless of who we are, how we live, and where we live. Life, and business, would be incredibly boring without them.  Many of us, including myself, fall short because we don’t ask ourselves the right questions to take the steps necessary.That doesn’t mean chasing our dreams has to be all work, discipline, and struggle.  Quite the opposite.  For me anyway.  I am far too undisciplined to ever achieve my dreams if it is all struggle and no fun.  Joy, energy, and enthusiasm are key.

I find that honestly asking myself the questions above, and then listening to find the answers that resonate with energy, can make my days, weeks, and years a lot more fun and productive.

I believe that achieving my dreams is far more than being willing to pay the price (although, that is always part of it).  I’ve found that when I truly understand my Purpose; what it is that motivates me and my business, and then try to discover how achieving my purpose can benefit others as well as myself, is when I achieve the most.  And have the most fun.

What would make 2019 a great year for you?  What are your dreams?  Who else, or what else, can benefit if you are successful?  How would they benefit?  Is there a way that both you and they could benefit even more?

This is the approach that I try to take when thinking about life and business (and, believe me, I am far from perfect at it).  I’ve found that asking these questions can help me a lot, especially if I recognize my responsibility in achieving my goals and the disciplined execution it takes to get there.

Self-interested altruism.  Informed, focused and strategic self-interested altruism.  Why not?  For me it brings more joy, more energy, and more success.

With Baraka Shea Butter, it is important for us that 2019 is a year of profitable growth.  Growth in sales, growth in the impact we have on hard-working women, families and communities in Ghana, growth in our ability to serve and support our customers and their growth.

It is important because if we are successful, we will be stronger and healthier as a company. My family and I will do better financially, we will have served and supported customers and suppliers, from the women who make Baraka Shea Butter to the crafters and businesses that make products from it, and on through to the people who use those products.

What about you?  What do you want out of 2019?  Why?  What are you doing about it?

And, how might we help?

Wayne Dunn
Founder/Managing Director
Baraka Shea Butter
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