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We have the product, experience, service and support to meet your needs and help you to succeed.

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High-quality FairTrade shea butter.
Fast, responsive service.
A team focused on meeting your needs and supporting your success.

Baraka Shea Butter’s community impact sourcing model can connect your brand directly to the social responsibility, community development impact, sustainability and ethical sourcing that permeates our supply chain. We can supply content, strategy, and support to help you integrate this directly into your marketing and branding strategy.

Private Label

At Baraka, our focus is on shea butter. We know it, and how to create great products using it better than anyone, so we are positioned to support your needs. Whether you are looking for a few dozen units or thousands of cases, we can help you to be successful.

  • Custom formulations
  • Testing
  • Production
  • Shipping
  • Branding and marketing
  • Packaging and labeling support

Whether you want to develop a specialty product like a wasabi infused shea rub, a full line of shea butter skincare products, we can help you to hit the ground running with your brand on quality, professionally developed products and great profit margins.

Click here to see some of the private label products we can supply you with. Custom formulation of other products is available.

Email us directly for more information.


Industrial Sales

Baraka Shea Butter is available at industrial sales quantities, shipped at intervals to meet your inventory and production needs.

Whether you need full containers, pallets shipped directly to your operations from our production center in Ghana, or shipments sent from our warehouse in Canada, we are ready to work with you and your production team to meet your needs.

We carry a large inventory in North America and ship within two days, enabling you to reduce your inventory storage and cost.

We are able to connect your brand directly to the community impact your purchases create. Through images, video, testimonials and more we can place your brand in the community and let your customers know the impact you are creating on women, families and communities.

Contact us directly for more information.



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