Break The Habit!!! Stop Using The Word R-Word!

After seeing some of the comments on a video of my son with down syndrome and throughout the day on the Internet I am appalled at this county. It is disturbing to me that so many people do not get how using the Rword can be so hurtful to someone with developmental disabilities and those that love them. This is not a surprise to me, it is just upsetting.

As a parent with adult typical children we have battled this since their brother was born. Using the word is a habit that our children learn from other children, and from parents themselves.It can also be broken just like any habit can.That is exactly what I did with my children. I constantly reminded them that no matter what context you are using the word it hurts and is disrespectful. Eventually they got it!!!!

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It is disturbing to me that our younger generation is so under educated that they do not see the cause behind ending the Rword. As a parent I do a lot of research. I get so angry at the stuff I see and most of the time it is younger children, teens, young adults using this word. I don't go seeking it out but instead of what I really need to find I is kids joking around calling each other retard. Try it for yourself, do a search.. Search Google, Twitter, You tube. It is not just on the Internet either. We hear it in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our work place.

Today a lot of awareness was being spread about how the word retard offends and hurts those with developmental disabilities. It is a label that has been used and is no longer excepted from the those with the disabilities. Education about the hurt that this label can cause is the only way to get people to break the habit of using the word.

Today a great mom made a video of her son in hopes of raising a little awareness about the R-word. She has done a great job and her little guy is amazing. Just like my son is absolutely amazing! Please take a moment if you are reading this and share with your family, your kids, or your colleagues to think before they use that word.

If you don't get it, why this is such a big deal I challenge you to spend a little time with someone who has a developmental disability; Someone with Down syndrome. I promise you that you will think twice before you use the word.

Please help this community and when you hear someone using the word just ask them politely to not use it any more. If they ask why then show them!!

Help us Help you to break this habit of using a word that hurts so many!!

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