Growing my Confidence

Last year I turned it around and actually looked at myself, I'm not fat. I may be big but I'm not fat, nor obese. People who had always shot me down I saw as idiots all of a sudden. It was great.

I just wish girls and boys in this society could come to the same realization as me as soon as possible, however I fear things are just getting worse. When I was younger I didn't have a computer, I didn't know about the world as it was, I saw what other people thought of me, I wasn't affected by the media. But with 7 year olds now having smartphones and full access to the internet, it is a difficult age to be growing up. Magazines showing flawless bodies and skin, internet adverts showing us the same. I'm glad I am not growing up right now.

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May I introduce my two biggest inspirations, Hannah Boal and Tess Munster. The two most beautiful and confident women I am aware of.

These two beauties have allowed me to show off my confidence and be proud of who I am. you cannot deny how sexy these ladies are, although still trawling through their comments, you get the odd turd expressing their useless opinions to the world, undoubtedly also being the type of people who ask 'can I speak to the manager'. Who the he'll cares. The amount of people that are waking up and smelling the big, curvaceous coffee, is incredible. Women like these are the reason that today's society is so great, we are equaling out the amount of photoshopped bullcrap with genuine women, I'm not going to the be the girl who says 'big women are real women, skinny women aren't' because that is wrong. I am just appreciating how we are progressing in the way girls who are on the bigger side can now feel comfortable in their own skin.

In the words of Mika "big girls you are beautiful" and every other size is beautiful too.

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