Runs With Scissors or Plays Well With Others?

Hang on, there's a point here. Diana Smith is a cultural anthropologist. In her manifesto posted at Change This, which she called Today's Trojan Horse, she wrote about how important people's relationships are to the success of a business.

"throughout history, relationships have had the power to create or destroy enormous amounts of capital - human, social, intellectual and economicleaders aren't building relationships strong enough to withstand the intense pressures of today's hyper-competitive world."

Instinctively I know this, even though I'm not always conscious of it. At The Executive Suite our relationships with our clients and our candidates ARE EVERYTHING. We live and die by them and care deeply about serving both constituents well. So part of the ah ha for me was a confirmation of my instinct. I like affirmation. Hate to be wrong.

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Back to the relationship thing.

I expect we've neglected our relationships of late, maybe let them slip in the crush of our busy-ness particularly we who live on this sleepy little peninsula I've taken to calling Brigadoon. (For those of you who don't recall the story of Brigadoon, look it up.) We need to do some catching up and reconnecting with the people who are important to us.Maybe we've taken our connections to others for granted or not put the energy into them of late?

Whatever.In business, this is a time when those alliances and affiliations are going to count.Why? Because people do business (substitute work, play, associate) with people they know and trust . (Which is why I'm always bemused at Washington and their nonsensical approach to slamming/discrediting people who do business together because of existing relationships. Well duh, of course they do.)

People are often hired solely on the strength of their relationships, particularly if they're in sales. One of the important criteria in evaluating a candidate or in conducting a performance review is how well they get along with others.

Seehere's the point. Do you run with scissors or do you play well with others? With the numbers of out of work candidates vying for any position, only the most talented and congenial workers will be hired or retained. If you're a PIA, with a pair of scissors in your hands, your job is no longer safe. You can, and will be, easily be replaced in this market.

Smith maintains that business has traditionally put more emphasis on the belief that rational thinking is what counts. But being strictly rational about things hasn't always worked. She goes on to explain that until recently the rational approach conveniently pointed to 'other people' as the problem that 'relationships' weren't important in business success. Smith says that rational thoughts and feelings are inextricably bound together. Until now, we've just not recognized the impact that solid, or fractured relationships have on our business success or lack thereof.

"Relationships shape behavior as much as behavior shapes relationships."

So I predict that another lesson we'll be learning in spades, during this economic downturn is your ability to develop and maintain relationships. It will play an increasingly important role in whether or not you are successful.

Whether it's personal or business, there's no time like the present (a good New Years Resolution) to reach out and reconnect, or repair and realign your relationships. Give it some serious thought.

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