I Want a Baby Brain

I think it would be awesome. Being a 26 year old man with zero knowledge maybe wouldn't be the coolest thing in the world, but the part about starting fresh from nothing would be. If I could wake up tomorrow with the knowledge I have gained over the years, but without all my beliefs and expectations about the world, I would do it in heartbeat.

Why, you ask?

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Just imagine what it would be like to wake up tomorrow, know how to clothe, feed yourself, drive and do your job, but you didn't have any beliefs about how the world works or what is possible for your life.

Why would this be awesome?

Because you would have the greatest opportunity anybody could ever have. You would have the chance to choose how you view the world without any outside influences shaping it for you.

This would change everything.

If I had this opportunity, I wouldn't have to struggle to reverse all the false, limiting beliefs I have ingrained in my psyche over the years. I could start fresh and choose empowering beliefs that allowed me to view the world as a place of abundance and joy. I would be able to freely express my soul without fear of rejection. I would be able to experience everything without any preconceived judgments.

It would mean freedom.

I would be free from living to fit in or do what everyone else was doing because I wouldn't know what fitting in meant. I would have no idea that it's not "normal" to be born female, but feel male, so I would just do what felt true to my heart. I would have no fear because I wouldn't have any idea why I should be afraid. I wouldn't be sad because I wouldn't have any reason to be sad.

The only guiding light I would have would be my own intuition. There would be nothing standing in the way of me living a life of true soul expression.

It's the life we we're all meant to live.

But we get bogged down by self-limiting beliefs and our world reflects these beliefs.

How, you ask?

So say you're struggling with your gender identity. Do you ever wonder why we struggle with it in the first place? It's because we're told by society that there are only 2 ways of expressing gender in a normal way and when we don't fit into these two groups, there's something wrong with us. We begin to believe we're abnormal and we carry this belief deep within us and it slowly brings us down. All of our actions start to be influenced by our belief that we're "not right".

All because of one simple belief.

Unfortunately, many times it's not just one harmful belief we're carrying around. Most people harbor tons of life-sucking beliefs deep within them that make it nearly impossible to live the life they we're meant to live.

"People are scary and will reject me if I show them who I really am."

"I won't be successful because I'm too shy."

"I can't transition because everyone will reject me."

These we're some of the beliefs I had and still struggle with. I know the destructive power these beliefs have over me and I have to work every day to try and reverse them.

What are some things that have helped me work on replacing my false beliefs?

1) Meditation

I'm sure you know by now just how important meditation is to me. It's literally turned my life around and become something I must do to get in touch with my soul and live my truth. Sitting in silence for 15 minutes daily has given me greater clarity about my own path and the bigger picture of why I'm here on earth more than anything else I've done in my life. Focus as you breathe in and out; letting all your thoughts wash away. There's no better way to feel deep within who you truly are and to separate what is real from what is a construct of your mind.

2) Realize Your False Beliefs

The first step in replacing false beliefs is knowing you have them in the first place. This can be a little hard at first if you're still really caught up in your mind because you think your beliefs are true. Any thought or belief that brings up negative feelings within you, is usually a false belief and you should try and analyze it. For example, I was terrified of acknowledging my trans identity. If I would have dug deeper, I would have discovered I had a false belief that everyone in my life would reject me if I told them I wanted to transition. If I would have written out this belief and really asked myself if it was true, I would have known in my heart that this belief was not true. This process doesn't instantly change beliefs, but if you keep working at it, you'll see progress.

3) Surround Yourself with Inspiration

One of the greatest things I've ever learned is that I have control over my mind. I may have let it run unchecked for most of my life at the detriment of my well being, but I now understand it's something that can be trained to work for me rather than against me. Two of the ways I take control of my mind are listed above, but another way I make sure I'm in control is by consuming material that promotes the mindset I want to have. Reading inspirational books, listening to empowering podcasts, watching educational videos, etc. are all ways I reinforce new beliefs I wish to have. Find things that make you feel good and believe great things are possible for your life. The more you do this, the more it will become a part of your new set of beliefs.

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