I studied music business at Belmont...

I studied music business at Belmont University in Nashville.

I interned in New York fall of '06.

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I graduated May of '07.

I went to Kenya for two weeks that summer.

I moved to New York August of '07.

I went to Kenya for the month of August, '09.

I moved back to Texas on Christmas Eve of '09.

I spent August, September, and October '10 in Kenya.

And then I came back to Texas.

So what is next?

Honestly, I've weighed a few options but I think I've known the answer for quite some time now. As in, months. As in, while I was still in Africa.

Today I hovered my cursor over a seemingly innocent button for just long enough to freak out. A click away from my future. Could it be that easy to make a decision? To alter my direction?

A click?

A click.

A click.

A click.

Seriously, Brittany. Just do it.



And a confirmation e-mail.

And just like that, I'm going back to New York on Tuesday, February 8th.

I'm nervous, but I'm pumped. To me, the great thing about New York is that it's always the same but it's always different. You find old comforts there, yet you feel like a new person there. I don't know how that happens.

My constant wish is that I could fuse all of the things and the people that I love into one place. I told my parents today that my desire to avoid leaving, to avoid facing good-byes, it's almost crippling. I do not want to live the next two weeks in fear of good-bye.

So how about I just don't. How about I don't live in fear. How about I'll focus on hope and expectancy. I'll focus on the excitement and the thrill - the things that I (unfortunately at times) seem to thrive on.

New York, you'd better bring it because this time around I am soooo ready for you.

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