; It Reminded Me Of Something An Old Nurse Friend Of Mine Said


It reminded me of something an old nurse friend of mine said....

It reminded me of something an old nurse friend of mine said when she found out I was divorcing those two years ago. "Be prepared for the worst two years of your life."

And they were. It wasn't just the divorce, the last two years have been one of those dark comedies you want to laugh at but you aren't sure if it's socially acceptable. A little heartbreak. Some violence. Constant transition. Tragedy. I had the opportunity to make a royal jackass out of myself at least a half dozen times, and you know me, I like to go all out. Add a little robbery. And on. And on. And on. The last two years have been shitty.

Not that now everything is perfection: I still have the same ankles and I still glow in the dark and I still survive almost soley by feasting out of 7-11s on the glorious meal: the protein bar. I'm always going to be a work in progress. My diet will always start Monday and I'll most likely take too many rests during the W.O.D. over at Crossfit North SoundI've come to terms with the fact that my idea of fruits and vegetables is always going to be corn chips and lemonheads and my Celica top still leaks which has been causing a little grief with all this rain. BUT GOOD GOD I AM GRATEFUL TO BE HERE WHERE I AM NOW, and not there, where I was two years ago.

I'm through the worst of it (I'm not trying to tempt fate here, FYI, Fate.) This all occurred to me today when I was sipping hot coffee on my patio. Some clouds a shade of gray NOT mentioned in any bestsellers (that was for you, Anna) came storming in and brought with it some raindrops the size of nickels, and as they thundered onto the lawn in front of my apartment I felt this proud sense of accomplishment. Thank God that even the worst of days are only 24 hours long

It was hot down there. Seriously.

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