Time flies when you're having fun!

I hope you're having some fun wherever you are in this great big world. I've been taking a break from online activities but I'm back! SO much has changed too. It's so true that when you change one thing, you change everything.

3 months ago I decided to give up sugar, alcohol and flour. Sounds non life shattering but good GOD, everything inside and out is transforming. I had no idea how zonked out I've been on those substances. But now in perfect hindsight I can see what a foggy cloud I had been operating under.

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I've always been more sensitive than the average bear. Which I really don't see as a bad thing anymore. Not just emotionally but even physically. It's like I can't get away with what I'd like to get away with or even what I see other people doing when it comes to imbibing or snacking or sweets.

Plus there was this whole "can't stop once I've started" thing that kept happening whenever I ate something sweet or starchy. Pizza? More please. Cookies? All please. Yes, I'll have all the cookies there, thank you. If there was a cookie on the table I guarantee I was not listening to anything you we're saying, sorry.

I saw other people stop at half a cookie (maniacs) or a bite of cake (weirdo's) but I am not one of those people. Normal, never had a weight problem, eaters are a different breed. Once I stopped comparing myself to other people and got real honest with ME, I had to look at where I wanted my life to go and what was holding me back.

Two questions popped into my head from somewhere "what would happen if this we're no longer an issue in your life?" and "do you want to get to know yourself sober?"

Well first, I'd be able to focus on SO many other things if I we're to completely drop this food issue.

And yes, I DO want to get to know myself sober and see what that's likewould there even be a difference? Turns out.. uh yah!

25 pounds fell off (and I'm not fasting, juicing, eating only fruit or any thing crazy!!)

I wake up naturally at 6:30 am (something I've always wanted to be is an early bird)

Anxiety GONE

I've started public speaking aLOT (which is something that has always terrified me to the bone!)

Even money has been falling in my lap in the weirdest ways everrrrr! (I'm talking money miracles)

It's not like I gave up those things and everything changed. In order to give up those things, I had to change (limiting beliefs, bad habits, negative thinking) and that is having a complete and total ripple effect.

It hasn't been easy street but it has been so worth it!

I'm just getting started too! (smile)

Here's what has worked best for me in giving up sugar (you can use this for any "thing" you want to release). Of course it all starts with a DECISION to change (which may take the longest), quickly followed by the following:


OK, my list for this was so long I would've been LYING to myself if I didn't immediately see the benefits of making this shift in my life. Surface reasons like wanting to wear a bikini on holiday with my boyfriend to deep stuff like wanting a clear connection to GOD were all on my 50+ item list. Write your list, keep it in your phone and read that shit whenever you start to waver.

GIVING IT FOCUSED ATTENTION (especially the first 30 days or so)

I gave myself permission to suck at everything else the first few weeks I was going through detox. I cancelled appointments, slept when needed, took baths (which I never do) and even booked comforting things like massage and accupuncture. Anything to be loving and gentle on myself was welcomed. I knew it would be a lifetime of spa days but these first few weeks of getting a new groove going required all the help I could get.


Speaking of help, I joined a group of women who we're wanting to change this exact same thing. Being in a group of like-minded individuals is probably the BEST decision I could've made. Change does not happen in a vacuum. We need other people to hold space for the vision of whatever it is we are wanting to create or recreate in our lives. The universe has brought together the most perfect group for me and it has been a total miracle and blessing.


Whenever uncomfortable "stuff" came up, I would tell myself "This too shall pass" or "Everything is always working out for me". Slowly repeating either of those phrases paired with deep breathing would help me calm down and gain perspective. I could start to see how good life was and that I wasn't going to die just because I felt "uncomfortable".

It's early days here, but I've never gone a quarter of a year without sugar and accessories! I feel good.

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