Spend More Time with my Family!

Just look at these stinkers.they totally need more mommy time!

My life is sooo sooo busy and I am a bit of a Free Spirit, so I know I struggle with time management and it's ALWAYS been a struggle to make enough time for family. I honestly don't know if you ever feel satisfied as a working mom in this area, but I certainly can do more to make sure I get the most out of my time with them.

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Recently while attending the HER Conference, I was able to meet Chenin Boutwell, a fabulous photographer/blogger/entrepreneur mama from California who also happens to be AH-MAZ-ING at time management. She shared some very fabulous tips on how to balance photography and motherhood that I plan to incorporate into my life. My calendar system is about to get a total overhaul! You can check out Chenin's new blog Fudge Banana Swirl to for some wonderful tips too! Warning.you will get addicted!

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