7 Benefits of Lavender Oil

[POSTED ON: 21st May 2019]

Anyone who explores natural skincare has found that many recipes include lavendar. Lavender is truly the ultimate triple threat; an amazing scent, color, and essential oil (I’ve even had lavender ice cream and lavender coffee syrup, which tastes delicious). Why do I personally love lavendar essential oil? As someone who currently struggles with anxiety and stress, and has a history… [read more]

The Growing DIY Skincare Movement… Get On Board!

[POSTED ON: 8th May 2019]

Control and knowledge through DIY? YES!   Know what you are putting on your skin and why.  Avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce, and make an impact on Ghanaian mothers and communities at the same time.  And, have fun doing it. You may have noticed that the skincare movement is quickly shifting towards greater transparency. Men and women want to know exactly… [read more]

The Importance of Night Creams

[POSTED ON: 10th April 2019]

Night creams are not just for those of us who are worried about ageing. In fact, night creams are essential in keeping skin moisturized, young (yes, I said it), and radiant. But instead of investing in an expensive night cream that promises the moon and back… Why not create your own and reap the same benefits (and without any of… [read more]

4 Skincare Changes for Spring

[POSTED ON: 27th March 2019]

Spring your skincare forward with these practical tips.  Leave winter behind and embrace spring and summer with health, happy skin.

[read more]

Sonia’s Self-Care Rituals for 2019

[POSTED ON: 27th February 2019]

Self-care is such a hot topic in 2019, and so important for our well-being. Whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually, self-care is an important part of being the best you. Taking time out of your day or your week for yourself and putting the needs of YOU before anyone else will rejuvenate and recharge your soul. So take a… [read more]

The New Year Skin Detox

[POSTED ON: 30th January 2019]

It’s 2019, baby! Time for healthy, happy skin. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of the “out with the old, in with the new” mindset. Today, we are going to apply this to our skincare products.

[read more]

2019 Skincare Goals (Happy Skin – Happy Year!)

[POSTED ON: 16th January 2019]

Better Skin, Better Me: 2019 body care resolutions. Simple (and easy) steps to happier skin, happier and healthier you for 2019. (learn how DIY tips & Shea Butter Recipes
It’s already 2019, can you believe it? So many of us are already making lists of New Year’s Resolutions, like going to the gym 3x a week, saving 20% more each month, and remembering to call mom more often. These are all GREAT, and surely, highly achievable. Well, they are great, and some will achieve them, but let’s be honest, they get tiring to carry out…

[read more]

Shea Butter for Chapped Skin This Winter

[POSTED ON: 9th January 2019]

Winter weather is bad! Winter skin doesn’t have to be. Shea butter won’t keep you warm, but it can help to keep your skin happy and healthy. Alright, for most of us it’s officially winter. It’s either snowing, extremely windy, or the air is dry and chilly or raining and ugly. The first thing I notice when fall leaves (no… [read more]

Why Handmade Soap? Healthy, Amazing & More

[POSTED ON: 19th December 2018]

Handmade soap is Better, Better, Better, Better and Better! Works Better. Better for you. Better for the planet. Better for local economies because it supports artisans and small businesses. And, when it uses Baraka Shea Butter, every bar provides Better support to hard working women in northern Ghana. Believe it or not, most consumers have never used true handmade soap…. [read more]

DIY Dynamo: Fuller Wallet, Healthier Skin, and Fun too!

[POSTED ON: 21st November 2018]

DIY Dynamo is you? Don’t read further if your wallet is too full, your skin too healthy and you never struggle with what gifts to give. OK, so you want more.  DIY skincare products made with pure, unrefined Baraka Shea Butter can save you money and make your skin and hair super happy.  They are easy and fun to create, make… [read more]

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