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Baraka Featured Customer….Peaux d’Ange-Angel’s Skins soap company

[POSTED ON: 1st December 2014]

Name: Mylene Company: Peaux d’Ange-Angel’s Skins soap company State/Province:Quebec Country:Canada Facebook: Twitter: @peauxdange   Mylene from the Peaux d’Ange-Angel’s Skins Soap Company creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps Creams Ointments Skin care products Bath bombs   Mylene loves to craft hand cream and face cream with Baraka Shea. She has noticed a very significant difference in her skin care products,… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer….Savvy Soap

[POSTED ON: 28th November 2014]

Name: Chris Company: Savvy Soap State/Province: Quebec Country:  Canada Facebook:   Chris from Savvy Soap creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Soaps His favourite products to make with Baraka Shea is soap for the good quality and moisturizing capabilities.  

Baraka Featured Customer….JANMade

[POSTED ON: 18th November 2014]

Name: Jan Company: JANMade State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: Twitter: @JanMadeSoapsEtc   Jan from JANMade creates the following products with our Baraka Shea: Creams Soaps Ointments Skin Care Products Her favourite products to make with Baraka Shea is soap for the ease of production and whipped body butters for the moisturizing properties.  She also enjoys purchasing Baraka Bolga Baskets.   Jan feels that Baraka Shea is… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer… Little One Naturals

[POSTED ON: 4th November 2014]

Name: Alexis Company: Little One Naturals State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: Instagram: @littleonetreasures   Alexis from Little One Naturals creates the following products with our Baraka Shea Creams Ointments Body Butter Her favourite product to make with Baraka Shea is Body Butter because the Shea whips SO well!

Baraka Featured Customer…Boudica

[POSTED ON: 28th October 2014]

  Name:Heather Heaman Company: Boudica State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Facebook: Twitter: @boudicabodycare     Heather from Boudica found Baraka through some Shea Butter discussions  with other soap makers. She wanted to give our Shea Butter a try because of our focus on the women who make the shea butter and contributing back to their communities.   Heather says:  “Baraka  Shea is much creamier than… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer….Brightside Soaps

[POSTED ON: 23rd October 2014]

  Name:Kelly Smith Company:Brightside Soaps State/Province:Ontario Country:Canada Twitter: @brightsidesoaps Facebook: Kelly from Brightside Soaps creates the following with Baraka Shea Butter: Soaps Creams Skin care products Her favourite thing about Baraka Shea Butter is the smell.   Kelly says, “Not any one thing, I love the smell of it, I make a soap that the majority oil/butter is shea, 26%!… [read more]

Baraka Featured Customer…MISSIE

[POSTED ON: 20th October 2014]

Name: Melissa Wooldridge Company Name:  MISSIE State/Province:  Ontario Country: Canada Facebook:       Melissa uses our Shea Butter to create beautiful: Soaps Creams Skin care products Bath bombs Her favourite product to make with our Shea Butter is Whipped Shea because it is a BEST SELLER! You too can be a featured customer! Just fill out our short survey and we will share… [read more]

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