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Tabiasu Women’s Enterprise Centre

A live walkthrough of the Tabiasu Women’s Enterprise Centre with Alfred Akolgo, Baraka’s Country Manager. You can see the women using the facility for the preparation of Shea Nuts (seeds) as we discuss the centre, why we built it, how it will be used and the impact it is already having.

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From the Shea Forest: Picking Shea nuts (seeds)

Shot live in the Shea Forest you can see how the women gather the fallen shea fruit and nuts, the first step in making Baraka Shea Butter. See the women in action, watch the young boys climbing shea trees and shaking the fruit off so the women can pick it.

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Live with Melissa & Family

Here we are live with Melissa and her lovely family. Element LABS; Love Art Beauty Science ltd. at the The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild conference in Dallas

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