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The Cocoa Bean Story

[POSTED ON: 3rd March 2020]

Learn about the cocoa bean story, how they are grown and harvested and the women and communities who do the work and earn their livelihood from it. The collection and processing of cocoa beans for Baraka Cocoa Butter is done by smallholder growers in remote villages in Ghana.  Watch and listen as we discuss the process as we stand amongst… [read more]

The Kombo Butter Story

[POSTED ON: 1st February 2020]

Kombo Butter is Amazing and so is its story. Watch, listen and learn about the Kombo Tree and fruit in the cocoa forests in this livestream shot in the Cocoa/Kombo forest. Known as African Nutmeg, they grow naturally in the Cocoa Forests, providing shade and diversity to the Cocoa crops and now starting to provide additional income to the hard… [read more]

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