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Asungtaaba Basket Group Sharing Fund

Women self-organize into work and support groups at the community level throughout northern Ghana and, indeed, in many other areas of the world. These groups fulfill important social, economic and community functions and have evolved a way or working, organizing and collaborating over generations. Unfortunately, they are too often ‘improved’ by well-meaning outsiders and formal structures and procedures put in… [read more]

Steps in making Baraka Bolga Baskets

Traditional, handwoven Baraka Bolga Baskets are made with skills and techniques passed down through generations. Mothers and Aunts teach daughters and then they weave and work together. In this video, Ahmed, the local coordinator, describes some of the steps as the women are weaving. They are working as they normally do, in a group under a shade tree in the… [read more]

Alamgubbe Group Weaving Baskets

Hand weaving Baraka Bolga Baskets is hard, meticulous and demanding work. The women gather together, often under a tree for shade from the searing heat on the edge of the Sahara

[watch video]

Baraka Bolga Baskets in the community

Baraka Bolga Baskets are hand-woven by women’s groups in Ghana’s Upper East region In this video Baraka’s Country Manager, Alfred Akolgo, meets with some of the hard-working women to discuss basket making, life

[watch video]
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