Kokum Butter - The Benefits and Origins of Kokum

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Dry skin and parched lips especially in winters leave one frustrated and with low self-esteem. How about a solution to these beauty problems that is not only natural but also supports the fair-trade initiatives and our community at large? Look no further we present to you Kokum butter, your new and natural beauty regime must-have.

Kokum butter is derived from the seed of the Kokum tree, also commonly known as the Red Mangosteen tree. It grows in the areas of Asia and Africa and has long been associated with the health and beauty benefits that Kokum butter delivers.

Kokum butter is known throughout the world as a beauty ingredient that along with being a great moisturizer, carries elements of wellbeing as well. 

What is Kokum Butter?

Pale and yellow or gray in color, the oil derived from the seed of the Red Mangosteen or Kokum tree is solid at room temperature and is therefore known as Kokum butter.

It carries great moisturizing properties and hence combined with its relatively high melting point in comparison to other kinds of natural plant butter, it is considered the most suitable ingredient for lip balms and body moisturizers alike. As it is edible in nature, it is also used as an ingredient in cooking especially across African countries as a replacement for other forms of edible butter. 

kokum butter benefits

Benefits of Using Kokum Butter

Let us now look at the benefits of using Kokum butter and be ready to be amazed by this one-of-a-kind multi-solution that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. 

Soothes Inflammations

Research has proven that the use of Kokum butter on inflamed skin, cuts, lesions, and even in eczema not only relieves the painful symptoms but also softens the effective area for quicker healing and better aesthetics. Researchers attribute its soothing properties to the antibacterial nature of the Kokum tree as well as the emollient structure of the Kokum butter itself. 

Moisturizes Dry Skin, Lips, Hair, and Scalp

kokum for dry skin

Due to its moisturizing properties, Kokum butter is one of the top choices of cosmetologists and skin aestheticians when it comes to prescribing it for elevating dry skin, parched lips, dry scalp, and hair problems. As it is fast absorbing in nature and does not leave a thick and greasy film on skin or hair, it is loved by the majority as it provides a quick and natural solution to not only seasonal dryness but recurring skin parching problems as well. 

Decreases Signs of Aging 

Kokum butter is also known to help in decreasing the signs of aging and tackling skin issues such as reduced elasticity, dryness, and premature wrinkling of facial skin.

kokum for aging

Skin experts believe that it's this property is a result of its hydrating nature that imparts moisture to dehydrated skin for it to become plumper with reduced visible signs of aging. With it being natural in nature and free of chemicals and derivatives, it also prevents further chemical damage to skin that does come as side effects of mainstream anti-aging serums and creams. 

Can Be Used to Treat Acne

Although no conclusive research has been done on the subject, women swear by Kokum butter as a topical acne treatment. It’s this ability is attributed to its non-comedogenic nature which prevents clogging of pores and helps with sebum regulation, countering two of the main reasons for skin acne in general. Also due to the antibacterial properties found in the Kokum tree, it helps fight off acne-causing bacteria as well, thus alleviating acne symptoms. 

High Antioxidant Ratio

Kokum butter is full of rich, beneficial nutrients as well as antioxidants. The presence of vitamin A, and vitamin B3 helps in preventing free radical damage to the skin. The presence of hydroxy citric acid one of the most well-known naturally occurring antioxidants in nature aids in getting rid of toxins that cause damage to the skin’s internal dermal layers and later on also reflect on the top layer of the skin. 

How to Use Kokum Butter?

Due to its natural nature and suitability for sensitive skin Kokum butter can be used directly onto the skin for deriving maximum skincare benefits. Therefore, to derive and enjoy maximum benefits from this gift of nature we recommend that you source it from trusted producers and distributors such as those atBaraka. As Kokum butter melts on encountering human skin, the versatility of its usage is endless. 

Usage tips for scalp and hair

Kokum butter can be directly applied onto the scalp and hair in a soft massaging motion to stimulate hair growth along with regeneration of damaged hair that might have been caused by using non-organic shampoos containing damaging chemicals. 

Usage tips for facial skin, lips, and body

You can use a suitable amount of Kokum butter as part of your daily skincare routine especially at night time. For this, we recommend taking a small amount of the solid butter in your fingers and rubbing it till it gives off a creamy consistency to be applied on the face. For lips, we recommend using the butter as a balm treatment and for the body, it can be applied like a normal body butter. 

Which is the better butter ? - Kokum Butter vs Shea Butter

When it comes to the battle of the different kinds of butter, the choice between Kokum butter and Shea butter has always been a common question. Let us look at the benefits of Kokum butter along with some assumable issues, which we hope will help you decide between the two. The following factors make Kokum butter a better option than Shea butter.

  1. It is structurally very stable and thus provides a great base for moisturizing products such as lip balms and lip treatments. 
  2. It carries no scent, unlike Shea and Cocoa butter which makes it a very good choice for fragrance-sensitive people. 
  3. It won't clog your pores unlike Shea butter, which is a great benefit for anyone with sensitive skin as it does not cause pore-clogging acne. 
  4. Unlike most kinds of butter, Kokum butter is easily absorbed and is not heavy on the skin which makes it a very easy to use and quick option. 

Let us now look at some details that may undermine Kokum butter as an obvious choice. 

  1. Not widely available unlike Shea butter. 
  2. Due to its strong structure, it does not mix well with other ingredients. 
  3. Compared to other natural kinds of butter, it is slightly more expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us now answer some frequent and commonly asked queries when it comes to the functionality and usage of  Kokum butter.

Does Kokum Butter clog pores?

No, Kokum butter does not clog pores as it is naturally non-comedogenic in nature. 

What does Kokum Butter smell like?

Kokum butter does not have a scent or smell in its natural form. 

Is Kokum Butter non-comedogenic?

Yes, it is non-comedogenic and it's perfectly suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

Is Kokum Butter good for hair?

Its quick-absorbing and non-greasy nature along with beneficial vitamins make it a great choice for hair care. 


Kokum butter comes with great advantages and beauty benefits along with it being a natural ingredient with no side effects. Its scent-free nature and ease of usability make it a moisturizer of choice for people around the world. We suggest that you make it a part of your beauty regimen, but as with any other ingredient we recommend that you seek the guidance of your dermatologist first and then enjoy this beautiful gift of nature. 

If you live in Australia, Greater China/North Asia, Philippines or Mexico you can order directly from local Baraka distributors using the links below.