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Shea Nut Roasters: Safer, Healthier, Easier

Making handmade shea butter is a lot of work. Using shea nut roasters helps make it a bit easier, and a lot safer and healthier. And does a better job.

Instead of standing over a hot fire and stirring crushed shea nuts with a wooden paddle, breathing in smoke and at risk of burns, the shea nut roasters allow women to sit back from the fire away from the smoke and risk of burns. As they gently turn the crank the nuts are evenly roasted. They can even tend to a young child as they are working.

Still not easy at all, but easier, healthier and safer. Thanks to the support of our customers and the Baraka community we are able to help introduce this improvement for the hard-working women of northern Ghana that make Baraka Shea Butter

To learn more about Baraka Shea Butter please visit our website, follow us on Facebook ( ) or contact us directly –

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