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Cultural Display at Global Day to Combat Desertification, Wechiau, Ghana

Desertification is affecting Shea Trees
Baraka and its Founder, Wayne Dunn have been actively involved in conservation of Ghana’s fragile Savannah for years.

This video that Wayne filmed in 2011 in northern Ghana while he was supporting Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency on their Anti-Desertification Program highlights some of the community/cultural integration that is part of the effort to create grassroots awareness and action on climate change and its impact.

Baraka is actively involved in promoting conservation of Shea Trees. Lack of economic options often forces families to cut down Shea Trees and make charcoal for cooking (Shea is known as producing the best hardwoods). Baraka is involved in education and awareness campaigns and, more importantly, every kilogram of pure handmade Baraka Shea Butter that is purchased puts more money into the hands of hard-working women and families and incentives them to preserve the Shea Trees

To learn more about Baraka Shea Butter please visit our website, follow us on Facebook ( ) or contact us directly –

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