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Baraka Baobab Powder Review

Power up your day with baobab powder ?

Peter has been using Baraka’s baobab powder for the last couple of weeks. Check out how he uses it to make a difference in his daily life.

Baobab has quickly become one of the most sought-after ‘superfoods’. Derived from the majestic baobab trees that are native to northern Ghana, the fruit dries naturally on the branches. After drying for six months in the hot sun, all of the moisture is removed from the fruit and the shell becomes hard.

Like all Baraka products, our baobab powder is traditionally harvested. This involves cracking open the shell, breaking up the fruit inside, removing all the seeds and finely sieving to retain all the natural goodness. What is left behind is a nutritionally dense superfood with more antioxidants than any other known fruit!

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