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Alamgubbe Group Weaving Baskets

Hand weaving Baraka Bolga Baskets is hard, meticulous and demanding work. The women gather together, often under a tree for shade from the searing heat on the edge of the Sahara (temperatures in the 40 degree range – well over 100 F). But, they do it with joy, happy to have the opportunity to earn money that they use to help support their families and educate their children.

This video is taken on a typical day with the Alamgubbe Weaving Group. They are gathered, many with children, working and visiting and making these amazing handcrafted baskets.

Every one unique. Every one a work of art. And ever one produced under very trying conditions.

To learn more about Baraka Shea Butter please visit our website, follow us on Facebook ( ) or contact us directly –

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