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Baraka Black Soap

Pure, natural, unrefined and 100% handmade by hardworking women in Ghana.

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Baraka Black Soap is made from pure, natural, and traditionally sourced ingredients by hard-working Ghanaian women. Using traditions and techniques passed down through generations they produce Traditional Black Soap with all the goodness that kept their ancestors skin and hair healthy over millennia. 

Baraka Black Soap is a true circular economy product, using by-products from shea butter production including naturally sourced from the ashes produced during production.

Packaged in hand-wrapped 150 gram / 5.3 oz bars

Wholesale pricing available on request (email

Why Buy Baraka Black Soap

  • Pure, natural and traditionally made from natural sourced ingredients
  • Hand-made by Ghanaian women using age-old techniques
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Fast shipping
  • Community impact & women’s development support
  • Ecological and eco-system focused

Contact our manager directly if you want more information on any product or its sourcing.

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