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Pure, natural, unrefined and 100% handmade by hardworking women in Ghana.

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Wild-crafted and traditionally harvested. 

Highest Antioxidant levels of any known fruit

Baobab has quickly become one of the most sought after ‘superfoods’.  It comes from the majestic Baobab trees that grow naturally in northern Ghana.  It is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch.

The fruit dries for six months in the searing African sun, turning the shell hard like a coconut and removing 100% of the moisture from the fruit.

Baraka Baobab Powder is traditionally harvested by breaking open the shell, breaking up the fruit, removing the seeds and shaking it through a fine sieve to remove the larger fibres and retain all the natural goodness.

What is left is a nutritionally dense superfood with more antioxidants than any other known fruit.  It has slow energy release, high levels of vitamin C and which has been used naturally for centuries. 

It is naturally sweet and tangy and is used for smoothies, in baking, sprinkling on popcorn (not my favourite), in soups and untold other ways.  It is so easy to use and so healthy.

A quick Google search can give you tons more information. 

Contact our manager directly if you want more information on any product or its sourcing.

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